Video Intercoms


Video Intercoms offer security and convenience.

By installing a full colour video intercom at your home’s entrance you’re able to see who’s calling before opening the door. You can also communicate with your visitors safely from inside your home and remotely open the door or gates. There’s also the advantage of being able to screen unknown visitors safely from inside your home (such as the kitchen, bedroom, or by the pool) without having to put yourself or your family at risk when opening the door to a stranger.

The latest Video intercoms have an assortment of options available. For example, an Intercom with Internet Protocol has the ability to allow you to answer your doorbell even when you’re not at home! This can be a very handy feature if you don’t want to miss a visitor, or are waiting for a special package to be delivered. IP Video Intercoms are able to ring the home owner remotely via a smart phone with full video and door opening control.

We recommend and use the 2N range of Intercom products which integrate seamlessly with Leviton systems. Also check out our home security solutions.