Our Story


At C Squared Automation, we’re dedicated to providing you with a professional Home Automation solution that is highly functional, simple to operate, and outstanding value. We’re also committed to delivering excellent customer service at all times.

Our commitment to achieving a great result every time starts from the first consultation and is ongoing after your project is complete.

C Squared Automation (C2 Automation) is owned by Chris Hart van Arends and Chris Mark and they’re backed up by an experienced team to ensure their clients receive a Home Automation system that meets their needs and expectations.

We service all of Melbourne metro and surrounding areas within Victoria.

If you’d like to discuss your Home Automation project, call Chris on 1300 277 827 to arrange a free no-obligation consultation.

C2 Automation - Chris Van Hart ArendsChristopher Arends

Since he was a youngster, Christopher has always loved pulling things apart to see how they worked. This lead him into Mechanical Engineering and a career in the automotive industry.

His next move was into the world of air conditioning and it was during this period that Christopher first came into contact with the emerging Home Automation industry.

His fascination with this new technology had him captivated and in 2011 he established C Squared Automation. Christopher has overseen the successful growth of C Squared Automation and created a respected Home Automation company with a strong commitment to providing highly functional and affordable solutions that meet or exceed their customers’ expectations.

C2 Automation - Chris MarkChris Mark

Prior to life with C Squared Automation Chris worked in electrical distribution before moving on to AudioVisual installations in 2008. It was during this period that he began to be involved with installing Data Networks and Home Automation. As his experience grew, Chris expanded his talents to include the designing of Home Automation systems and in 2009 made the move to begin working for himself. In 2011, the two Chris’s teamed up to form C Squared Automation and together they deliver a high level of Home Automation functionality and value that hard to beat.

Jim Rekaris

Jim is an integrator with over 20 years experience in the IT, Security and AV Industries. His broad knowledge of alternate products include Ness, URC, Pronto and C-Bus. Jim has acquired accreditation in Networking, RF/Satellite, Access Control, CCTV and Security Systems.

Jim is a “can do” person and his willingness to take on any challenge presented to him in his calm and meticulous demeanor ensures our projects are performed correctly to C Squared Automation’s high standards.