Network System


The vital link to achieving a great Home Automation system.

The Network within your home plays a very important role and needs to be able to handle the demands of a variety of Home Automation services both today and into the future.

It needs to be capable of allowing a range of internal communications that includes Home Automation (the communicating between lighting, blinds, climate control, security), Home Entertainment (Multi-Room Music and Video, Home Theatre, Content Streaming), as well as Internet Access to the outside world.

With the roll out of the National Broadband Network (NBN) it is important to prepare your home for the future. While wireless internet is great for tablets, checking emails and surfing the internet, it will not cope well with streaming HD content around the home. By setting up a home network (LAN) you will have the ability to share all media or files between devices reliably without interruption. With Home Entertainment, everything is now “on demand” online, and with 4K becoming the new standard, it’s vital to have it fast and robust.

C Squared Automation highly recommends a hard wired home network to cope and has the experience to expertly guide you in this area.