Multi Room Music


Your favourite music in any room, or every room.

Multi room music systems let you stream your digital music to anywhere in your home effortlessly all controlled by your Smart Phone. You can access music from a vast range of sources, and control which rooms, volume, playlists, etc.

Using the Leviton HiFi2 as the centre piece, we help you enjoy a premium multi-room music system where you can listen to the same song in every room at the same time, or different songs in different rooms simultaneously, and you can even page the kids for dinner!

The Leviton Multi-room 4×4 Kit is the more affordable offering 4 sources and 4 zones, while the larger 8×8 can be expanded to 8×16 with addition of the 8 zone expansion kit.

Audio sources can now be located throughout the house by using RIM’s (Remote Input Modules), or locally connected at the Hi-Fi 2 amplifier. Local input examples include items like Cable TV, Set Top Boxes, and Internet Radio Tuners. Remote input examples include BluRay players, kitchen TV, iPod dock or mounted beside the bed to plug your smart phone into. The Bluetooth RIM is another option so that you can wirelessly stream stored music from your iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, notebook computer, etc.

Along with Multi-Room music we also offer Multi-Room AV and Home Theatres.