Multi-Room AV


Stream HD Content to any room in your home.

Traditionally AV Systems consist of a messy array of components and a vast tangle of leads and cables which all tend to attract large amounts of dust. Most people tend to dislike the visual clutter and there is a far better option available to you.
C Squared Automation takes all those messy components and hides them neatly in a central location in the home. We then set up a network that distributes the content straight to where it’s needed. You can access and control content remotely from anywhere in your home too using an array of options including smart phones and tablets. We can tailor a package to suit your needs and your home.

Key components to make this happen are:

The Home Automation HTX2 (Home Theatre Extender 2)

Gives you complete control of all the equipment straight from a Smart Phone, Tablet, or iPod Touch using the Snap-Link for mobile app, or a Touchscreen.

HTX2 IP Controller

The HTX2 sends IR commands to your AV equipment with a fully customisable interface. This allows the set up pages to control each AV device in your home. Turn on your Blu-Ray player, the amplifier, the TV, and have it play the Blu-Ray – all with the press of just one button.

HDMI Matrix

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is the standard in media connection in the high definition world. There is a number of different ways HDMI sources can be distributed around the house. The HDMI Matrix offers numerous inputs and outputs depending the home owners requirements. Matrixes typically start with 4 sources and 4 outputs and increase from there. It’s possible to watch the same content or different content simultaneously.