Creating the perfect lighting ambience, and the convenience of remote control.

With complete control over your lighting, you can enjoy the perfect ambience, the convenience of complete control, improve security, and the ability to help minimise your power bills.

Using different combinations of lights and smart lighting levels allows you to create vibrant or relaxing atmospheres to suit different times and ocassions. Control your whole home or individual rooms, and make use of lighting presets for quick access to commonly used settings.

Controlling your home’s lighting can be done via Wall-Plate Switches, dedicated Control Pads, or via your Smart Phone or Tablet.

Increased security and protection of your home and family is another common benefit of smart lighting solutions. The ability to turn lights on/off while you’re away discourages thieves and carefully placed Security Lighting with sensors further adds to your protection and peace of mind.

With automated settings including timers, plus remote control access, you can take control of lighting usage to help minimise your power bills.

With a Leviton Home Automation Omni-Bus installed you can control up to 256 lights, shades, fans, shutters, pumps, and much more.

The key benefits of Omni-Bus include:

  • Using any switch plate brand on the market in Australia.
  • Their products work as stand-alone or part of a larger system.
  • Omni-bus is the latest lighting solution and is 90% more efficient in standby than C-bus.
  • The ability to turn on lighting from anywhere and have lights come on at random when you’re away on vacation.
  • The option to have your lights set at 85% power all the time – that’s a 15% saving off your energy usage!

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