Everything working together seamlessly within a single interface that’s highly functional and simple to use.

Our Home Automation systems are built around the Leviton range allowing you to control a wide range of functions and features. With the right Control Panel acting as the “brain” of your system, your options expand considerably. You’ll enjoy better control, more flexibility, all working together in harmony, and all controlled through a single “simple to use” interface.

Accessing these functions can be done via a dedicated Control Panel (mounted or free standing) or alternatively you can control a range of functions via an app on your smart phone. (iPhone and Android)

With your smart phone you have the additional benefit of being able to control a variety of Home Automation functions even when you’re away from home. The ability to control features remotely has many convenient benefits such as: turning on/off lights, or cooling/heating before you arrive home, turning off the power to an iron in case you left it on, or checking your home’s security – especially if the alarm has just gone off.