Home security for not just your house and belongings, but for the most important people in your life….

Alarm Systems

State of the art Security Systems have come a long way in recent years. In addition to the traditional products piezo alarms, strobe/sirens, PIR Sensors, etc, the biggest change has come via the internet and the ability for Alarm Systems to now communicate via the internet. This can include notifications to your smart phone if an alarm system has been triggered, and the ability to log-in to view your home’s CCTV in high definition on your smart phone.

CCTV Home Surveillance

High Definition CCTV Security Cameras are fast becoming a standard item in Security Systems these days. The resolution, affordability, and the introduction of IP (internet protocol) Cameras have made CCTV an essential part of any Security System. The high quality resolution and the optional night-vision models has taken the detail and clarity of recordings to an unprecedented level. The other significant advancement is the ability for you to log-in remotely while away from home using your smart phone to view live feeds from any CCTV camera you select enabling you to see what’s going on inside and around your home in high definition. In the event of your home alarm going off, you can receive a notification message direct to your smart phone, so you can log-in and view both live-feed and recorded camera footage. Recording units can be set to constantly record all cameras for viewing later on. IP Cameras can work as a stand alone product or be an integrated part of complete Security System.

Access Control

Access Control is designed to allow or limit the entry of people into your home. By installing door strikes to personal entry gates or doors you can gain entry/exit using a key fob, coded keypad or swipe card. Let family or friends in if you’re running late or just push open the door when your hands are full with the shopping. Take a walk or run without having keys in your pocket. Even have a delivery button programmed into your phone to allow a package to be securely dropped off while you are at work. Access control can be added to the already installed garage door or front gate to allow vehicle entry.

Key Fobs and Receivers

The Home Automation Wireless Receiver has 64 Zones and 4 Button Key Fobs to let you arm/disarm your alarm, open doors, roll up the garage door, or even a series of events programmed with just one button press.

Electronic Door Strikes

A handy feature to install….. imagine just pushing open the door when your hands full of shopping! ….or let friends and family in when you’re running late. A great feature to integrate with Video Intercom systems too.
Security Range
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