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Here’s a quick overview together with a short check-list to help ensure a great Home Automation system in your home….range

A quick introduction to Home Automation….

There is a home automation package for every lifestyle and budget. A consultation with an industry expert will allow you to choose the automation features you want based upon your individual needs and budget. Home automation can be installed during construction of a new home, or retrofitted into existing homes.

The two core components to achieving a good Home Automation System are the Controller and the Network.

1. The Controller

Think of this as the brain of your automated home. It controls and monitors various components (Eg: climate control, security, lighting, entertainment, etc)  to maximise convenience, comfort and energy savings.

2. A High Quality Network

The other important component is to install a high-quality network that is fast and reliable. This allows your home automation components to communicate effectively whilst effortlessly distributing high volumes of data, such as streaming movies throughout your home, an essential requirement for today’s modern homes.

Smart Home solutionsA check-list of key factors to help you achieve a great Home Automation system.

  1. The first thing to undertake is some basic research into Home Automation and to get a feel for the type of features and functions you would like in your home. Areas to consider are: lighting, intercoms, climate control, network, assisted living, home entertainment, and energy management.
  2. DIY Home Automation from the Department Store or Hardware Store? Many of these automation products appear to be “plug it in and turn it on” and you’ve possibly wondered whether you need a professional. The simple answer is, it all depends on what you’re hoping to achieve. The main problem with these in-store products is that they’re limited in their ability to communicate and work together to deliver the full range of Home Automation possibilities. If you want a system that is highly functional, fully integrated, and simple to operate using a single interface, a Home Automation company is your best option.
  3. Use Reputable Brands. Key factors when choosing a brand is to take into consideration performance, reliability, functionality, ease of use, and the ability to integrate with other components. One of our favourite brands that forms the core of the majority of our systems is Leviton, a renowned brand from the USA and one of the biggest players in the market for good reason. Other brands we use include RTI and Fibaro. Combined, these 3 brands allow us to deliver high-end solutions and excellent value.
  4. Get some expert advice – it’s priceless! Arrange a chat with an automation professional and get some expert guidance and advice. They can help you gain a clear view of what home automation can offer, as well as guide you on the best way to achieve your objectives. C Squared Automation is happy to offer prospective clients a FREE no-obligation meeting to discuss your objectives.
  5. Choose a reputable company that has the knowledge, experience, and professionalism to ensure the money you invest delivers a first class Automation system. In addition to the above criteria, C Squared Automation also offers outstanding personal service and adhere to high ethical standards to ensure your complete peace of mind – both during the installation as well as long term.

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