Energy Management


Reduce energy consumption and minimise your power bills.

With the high costs of energy these days, the consumption of power is on the minds of all home owners. By managing and controlling your home’s environment more efficiently, you’re able to reduce your power consumption resulting in smaller power bills.

An advanced Home Automation system can control temperature and lighting based on time of day and occupancy, reducing energy consumption around the home. For example, your Home Automation system can be configured by C Squared Automation to turn off the heating/cooling and lighting automatically whenever the alarm is activated. You can then turn them back on remotely via your smart phone just prior to arriving home saving on unnecessary power consumption.

It’s also possible to monitor your power consumption enabling you to see specific times and areas of high power consumption. With this information you are then in a position to make changes to reduce consumption and costs.

Humidity and temperature sensors can be installed inside and outside (including cellars) to effeciently maintain optimal temperature and humidity conditions. You can even receive notifications to your smart phone if conditions fall outside the required settings.

C Squared Automation can help you with a range of Energy Management features to help minimise the impact on the planet, and at the same time lowering your energy costs.

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